The Importance of Building A Relationship- Of Any Kind, With Com Arts 272

Each week, our TA, Abigal Escatel, would introduce and explain new topics and projects in ten-person classes, as opposed to the hundred-something person lectures we had the day after, each week. Although the assignments were, assignments, each project ultimately left students with a greater sense of one another, and truly, how to make the world a better place through simple, subconscious ways.

This class helps you become a better person by giving insight on how perspective can be changed when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Influencing us to revise thoughts and reflect a more moral viewpoint on things. Communication Arts 272: Introduction to Interpersonal Behavior, was a three-credit class that I had signed up for my second semester of freshman year. This class was really great, because well, for starters- it was mostly online. The professor, Marissa Ferhnolz, would post everything, and the ‘modules’- (a way in which our assignments are organized on their respective pages) were easy to access, comprehend, and she made them fun to learn from.

So, for all you incoming badgers reading this- I highly suggest that you enroll in this course. In addition to the eye-opening content and concepts, this class also provides you with the chance to get an easy A. The coursework is infrequent, and light, with the exception of the five major portfolio projects. To summarize, CA262 is a great way to enhance your personal portfolio.

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