The class that helped decide my future

 After a rough start to college, I wasn’t finding anything that I was interested in, until a friend recommended Communication Arts 155 the Introduction to Digital Media. At this point I was willing to take anything that wasn’t Econ 101. So I signed up for it and decided to give it a shot. Surprisingly I loved it. 

The teacher, Mr. Hoyt, had so much enthusiasm for the topics and it added to the aura of the class. He taught units on five digital forums: photography, coding, altering photos, podcasting, and video. Through these five units, I learned how to use the Adobe Creative Sweep—a great life skill. Those five units weaved together art content production with software usage, something that makes this class so unique. I loved this class so much that I decided I wanted to complete the Digital Studies Certificate. It was this class that helped me realize that I should stick more to creativity, rather than business and analytics. 

Com 155 doesn’t have to be a class you have to take it for the digital studies certificate. It counts towards the Communication Arts certificate/major as well. You could also take it as an elective! All in all, if you have any inkling that you might be interesting in studying digital forums, this Com 155 is a great class to gain exposure to the media world.

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