A hike a day can keep the stress away!

There is something about being outside. Walking around in an unknown space with trees and life can bring a whole new perspective on areas of our life that may stress us out or make us feel like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

School breaks are great opportunities to step away from studying, campus involvements and various stresses from being a student in order to spend time with family and friends outdoors!

Last summer, my mom and I visited my aunt in Georgia and one of the places we visited during our stay was Amicalola Falls State Park. We spent most of the morning and afternoon hiking. The Amicalola Falls State Park trail is divided into two, which are called the ‘Base of Falls’ trail and waterfall trail.

We traveled on one of the trails in order to get to the base of the falls and from their we climbed several flights of stairs to get to the top of the waterfall. With a total of 604 steps, it was a long climb but definitely worth the sweat!

The view at the top was breathtaking,  and it really is a great space to stop and enjoy the moment. It made me realize how great life is around me. It was nice spending time with my mom and aunt outdoors!

If you plan on visiting Amicalola in Dawsonville, GA, I recommend bringing a lot of water to store in your vehicle, wear gym shoes, and bring a charged camera to capture the views!

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