Read this and you will never worry about life

Hello there! I see that your interest was peaked by my title and you are here for a solution to “hack” college and the “adulting” life.

Well, I hate to break it to you buddy but that is not possible. Life has no hacks unless you are Neo from the matrix.

Yes, this Neo. Can you see through reality and control the things around you? If not, I’m afraid you are just like the rest of us. There is no shortcut to get around college and being an adult, but you can get some tips to lead a better one.

Yeah, this is a clickbait title and you will run into countless clickbait articles, videos in you life and being able to discern whether it is clickbait is somewhat based on your own mentality.

If you wish for a shortcut, when someone says they have one, you are more than likely to believe there is one and follow it while in reality there is none. Deep down, we all realize we have to grow up to be an adult and do “adult” things, there is no getting around it or “hacking” it.

I guess the value in this article is just to say: “Hey, maybe the only real hack is to learn the fact that you actually have to grow up and start being an adult and stop using your time trying to find an easier way.”

Maybe the only hack is to quickly realize there is no hack.

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