Call Your Mom: It’s the Adult Thing to Do

I get it, life gets busy. But on Sundays, it’s time to call your parents and let them know you’re alive. Those missed calls and voicemails from your mom or dad asking you about if you’ve been eating or remembering to wash your clothes may sound annoying and unnecessary, but it’s just her (or him) trying to make sure you are transitioning well into your new school.

Texting has always been my preferred communication between me and my parents, but coming to college taught me that hearing the voices of the people you love the most, is WAY better than getting emojis from them. Trust me when I say that random calls home, make mother’s and father’s very happy. Also, don’t forget to thank them for all that they have done for you, this ensures that they’ll keep putting money on your Wiscard so you can eat and pay for your housing so you aren’t homeless.

Plus, it’s the adult thing to do. You’re not in high school anymore, you’re away from home, without the people who have looked after you for the past 18 years. Saying thank you and I miss you will go a long way and will make your relationship with your parents that much stronger.

My last piece of advice to you is, don’t be like me. My mother called three days in a row months ago, and I missed all of them. Don’t worry, I called her back the next day…after she thought something happened to me.

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