Bring Batteries and Leave Worries Behind

You wouldn’t bring a cell phone or a laptop without a charger, but what about those electronics that don’t have a rechargeable battery? The types and number of batteries you should bring really depends on what electronic devices you use and how often you use them. However, long story short, avoid the hassle of having to purchase batteries during college and bring them ahead of time! Here are some of the reasons why I needed to bring batteries:

  1. Calculator

So, just before heading out for an exam, you notice that your calculator is almost dead and you don’t have any spare batteries in your dorm room. There’s not enough time to go out and buy them, so you end up going to your exam and hoping it would last. Next thing you know, it dies just a couple of minutes into the exam. Don’t let this be you!

  1. Computer Mouse

So, you’re already behind on homework and panicking. Next thing you know, your mouse stops working and you don’t have any spare batteries readily available. Don’t let this be you either!

  1. Portable Fan

Don’t underestimate how much you’ll use the fan. Remember that Wisconsin weather is quite unpredictable and you just might end up with an unseasonably hot semester. Don’t be the person who can’t fall asleep at night due to the heat!

  1. Electric Toothbrush

You don’t need any unpleasant surprises after a difficult semester of school, so make sure your electric toothbrush remains operational for the entire semester!


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