Become a Hopeless Ramen-tic

When most Madison students hear the word “Ramen”, they immediately think of those little plastic packages of hard noodles that take 3 minutes to create a meal. Don’t get me wrong, those things are amazing. However, Madison holds the key to a much better kind of ramen!

Japanese style restaurant ramen has become a major food trend, and rightfully so. It’s flavorful and DELICIOUS. Next time you’re about to rip open one of those little instant ramen packs, remember to treat yourself and head out to one of these fantastic ramen spots:

  1. Umami Ramen and Dumpling Bar: This was some of the first Ramen I had, and after this place, I was hooked. Ramen became a way of life. Situated comfortably on Willy street, this is the perfect place for a fun night out in a different part of time. Order the Tonkotsu Ramen with a spicy bomb on the side, you won’t regret it.
  2. Morris Ramen: This place is incredible. Right off the capitol square, it has a beautiful and trendy interior, featuring desserts that are almost as good as the ramen itself. Order the miso ramen, and you won’t be able to stop talking about it.
  3. Ramen Kid: For a quick and easy meal right on campus, head over to Ramen Kid. This one is a no brainer. The staff is friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. Their ramen hits the spot every time. If you end up here and don’t feel in the mood for ramen, do yourself a favor and order the curry dishes. Amazing!

Whats not to love about noodles and soup?! The possibilities are endless for delicious ramen in Madison, so get out there and try some!


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