Score some brownie points: Introduce your friends to the kitchen

(Photo courtesy of Max Pixel)

Not sure what to do tonight? What to partake in a fun, low-key activity? Are you not feeling like a movie night? If you answered yes to all these questions, then it sounds like you’re looking to get in the kitchen!

First, head over to Flamingo Run and grab your essentials — eggs, vegetable oil, milk (it’s a tastier substitute for water), and mix. Rent any cooking utensils you may need from your front desk. Make your way back to the dorm kitchen (or figure out where it is if this is your first time using it). Fire up your ancient oven and throw your ingredients together!

If this is too simple and you’re looking for a bigger baking challenge, try making brownie ice cream sandwiches. I made them my sophomore year for a summer party I was hosting and they were a major hit with the guests! The recipe I followed can be found here:

While you pass the time, feel free to check out the strange assortment of food in the communal refrigerator. We’ve found everything from pickles to several gallon containers of ice cream with a note that said “Please eat!” Score!

Making brownies might sound like a lame way to spend your night, but with some good jams, great company, and delicious dessert in your future, you’ll be back in the kitchen in no time.

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