The Trusty Study Buddy

As an incoming freshman I was ready to take on the world solo with a “no help needed, I got this” attitude. Which lasted from first day thru the end of the first round of midterms. It hit hard that I wasn’t preforming as well as I wanted to be, and obviously needed to make a change. So I reached out to friends that were seemingly doing better.

It came to a surprise to me that my friends that were doing better were actually working together. No they were not working on the same group project or taking the same courses, but they were walking to the library together and sitting together while completing separate tasks.

They considered each other as a study buddy with the underlying motivating that if the other asks/decides to go study it means you should too. But not only was this motivation to get yourself to study more they bounced trivial information off each other and used each other to vent and relieve study stresses we all share in common.

All of a sudden I was in the library more with friends and enjoying my results. By sophomore year I was ready to buddy up and get down to the library. Additionally my brother was a freshman, so I advised him to use a study buddy and kick butt. He said we should study, I said ok.

Next thing I know my brother is more motivated than previous buddies and I spent more time studying, and produced my best grades yet. I just couldn’t let my study and me slack.



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