Don’t Do Pot…Do Pot Stickers

In Madison, the two most popular crawls are bar crawls and cheese curd crawls.  However, it is time to crawl outside of the box and go on a pot sticker crawl.  Although most people do not expect the state of Wisconsin to have superior Asian cuisine, a pot sticker crawl will surely change your mind.

First stop, Ha Long Bay Restaurant on Willy Street.  You cannot go wrong with any dish at Ha Long Bay, but the pot stickers are a must.  On the menu, they are referred to as dumplings, and you can order chicken or tofu, and can have them steamed or pan-fried.  I recommend pan-fried because frying makes everything better!

Next, head to Glaze on State Street.  State Street is packed with great eateries, but one whiff of Glaze’s crispy gyoza dumplings will have your feet walking to the door, mouth watering, wallet opening.  Glaze offers vegetable, chicken, and pork dumplings to ensure there is something for everyone.  You can order the pot stickers as a side, to share with friends, or as your whole meal – as a pot sticker enthusiast, I like to keep them all to myself.

Lastly, crawl to Hilldale Mall to the Dumpling Haus.  The Dumpling Haus offers the classic dumplings we all know and love, but also steamed buns with a variety of fillings for those feeling more adventurous.  Whether you are an experienced pot sticker connoisseur, or a rookie trying to ease into the delicious world of pot stickers, Dumpling Haus has you covered.

For more on the restaurants of my pot sticker crawl:

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