100% Fool Proof Winter Break Activity


Student A: I’m going to Mexico for Winter Break! Beach, here I come!

Student B: Full send! Hittin’ the slopes: all day, every day. Colo-RAD-bro!!

Student C: Oh- I’ll be home. Training for my “marathon”… NETFLIX MARATHON that is!

Not all students have the luxury of traveling somewhere during winter break. Binge watching a Netflix show is now the hip and trendy thing to do! You can do it anytime, anywhere on almost any device. Even if you are going somewhere exotic for break, you can even download your favorite show and watch it on the go. Grab your favorite snack and charger cause this is a marathon, not a sprint!


Comedy King/Queen

Image by IMDb

The Office: If only life after graduation in the “real world” was like this, I wouldn’t mind working.


BOO! Did We Scare You?!

Image by IMDb

American Horror Story: I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know if I like it but let’s keep watching.


Were You Even Born Yet?

Image by IMDb

Friends: 6 friends and their crazy, silly unrealistic adventures living in the Big Apple.


Never Close The Yearbook

Image by IMDb

Glee: Basically High School Musical on steroids.


Save The Drama For Your Mama

Image by IMDb

Grey’s Anatomy: Mostly drama with the side order of saving lives.

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