Top Three Secret Study Spots on Campus to Help You Focus

We all know the drill — finish classes, grab a quick dinner and then head to the library to study the night away. But if you’re anything like me, you easily get off task at the crowded College Library and Memorial Library.

If you’re desperate to switch up your studying and find some less popular study spots, look no further. Here are the top three secret study locations on campus that are perfect for increasing your productivity.

1. Ebling Library

Located inside the Health Science Learning Center and across from the UW Hospital, Ebling Library offers students the ideal studious environment. Complete with plenty of tables, Ebling is unlikely to fill up because of its non-central location. But don’t let this scare you away, Ebling even provides bowls of candy and ear plugs at the entrance for all students.

2. St. Francis House Episcopal Student Center

Like most churches on campus, St. Francis is open to all students regardless of religious affiliation. In its convenient location on University Avenue, the church has a large study room complete with soft background music, big tables and leather chairs. But the best part? It’s usually empty so you won’t be distracted!

3. Law Library

My personal favorite place to study, the Law Library on Bascom Hill is rarely full. While its use is limited to law students during finals, on any other day you can be sure to focus for hours with its long wooden tables, high ceilings and beautiful view of Bascom.

Madison is full of unique places to study, so don’t be afraid to explore the next time you need to buckle down.

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