Resources for when you don’t want to do college all by yourself

Coming into college, I thought that I was so prepared to tackle life all by myself. Boy, was I wrong. Admitting that you need help is one of the hardest things to do. However, the UW-Madison Tutoring and Learning Support Resources can be the difference between failing a class and really understanding the content and succeeding. Here are just a few of the many places to find the help we all needed in college:

The History Lab

The History Lab is a great resource for anyone studying the past, whether it is your major or just a class you need to take to fill a Humanities credit. History PhD students are available by appointment to help students find a good topic, conduct research, find sources and develop thesis statements.  The History Center is located in the Mosse Humanities building.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students become stronger and more confident writers by reviewing papers on any subject.  The Writing Center is located in Helen C. White with an occasional offshoot in Dejope Hall.


Mathlab is staffed by the Mathematics Department teaching assistants, who help students with math, mainly in the precalc and calculus sequence.  Mathlab is located in Van Vleck with an occasional offshoot in Dejope Hall.

Chemistry Learning Center (CLC)

The CLC provides a small-group, collaborative learning environment for students learning general and organic chemistry. Students must apply to the program to receive assistance. To find out more information and apply, visit the CLC website.

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