Is the library really your friend?

In college, everyone thinks the best place to study is the library. I mean think about it: it has good lights, there’s no noise, no distractions, it’s perfect right? For some people yes, for me, the library is the worst place for me to study. I need to be in a place that has some light chatter or discussion going on and is not complete silent. One of my favorites is Coffeebytes. But then some people say, yes Coffeebytes is great, but it’s not open late enough!

For me, I get all my homework and studying for the day over with by 7 or 8 at night and then I have the rest of the night to relax and destress from the worries of the day. I think in college it’s important to not be up so late studying and instead be able to get your work done during the day. I purposely make my schedule so that all my classes are done by 3 and then I go somewhere to do work for a few hours before proceeding to go home. I feel like i get less distracted by doing my work during the day and am way more productive than I would be if I was falling asleep on my textbook at 11 p.m.

So I guess what I am suggesting is that, get your work done and out of the way. Instead of going back to your dorm or apartment after class, go somewhere and get all your work done, then go home that way all your stress is gone by the time you’re home!


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