Your Complete Checklist to Becoming an Apartment Touring Pro


Apartment tours can definitely be a little awkward, but use them wisely. Follow this checklist to be a smart apartment hunter and avoid rookie mistakes.

Check the appliances

When was the last time they were replaced? Have previous tenants had issues with anything? Take a look inside the fridge, does it look clean, big enough? Ask if there have ever been issues with the oven or stove – you won’t know until you try it, but they should be honest if you ask.


You’ll want to know what the difference is in AC and heating cost as these can vary greatly. You may also need to consider the cost and logistics of buying an AC unit for apartments without central cooling!

Noise levels

An apartment can seem great, but do some investigating into noise levels. No harm in asking the landlord, but see if you can question the current tenants about this.

After all, there is nothing worse than moving in and realizing you have very thin walls, or that a noisy garbage truck will be your alarm clock every Wednesday.


Some apartments look like a steal online, but then when everything is said and done, they simply aren’t. Ask during the tour how much an average tenant will pay every month considering gas, electricity, wifi and rent. This figure could very well make or break your apartment choice!

These tips should help you avoid any unwelcome surprises after move in day, so don’t be shy!

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