Why You Need to Become a “Planner Person” in College

Congratulations, after all of your hard work in high school, you’ve gotten into UW-Madison! So, here’s the real question: how many of you actually used the student planner you got for free every year? Here’s why you’ll need to use one this coming fall to help plan your study time…

1. Unlike high school, most professors won’t remind you every day about an upcoming assignment, project deadline, or exam. They’ll simply put it in the syllabus and you’ll be responsible from then on. Putting these dates in your planner allows you to figure out when to start studying/working for each task!

2. With student organizations, jobs, and tons of new friends, there are going to be a lot of events/obligations you’ll want to attend to! Writing these in your planner will put all assignments, events, and meetings in the same place. This way you can see how busy your week will really be, and which days might need to be more study-intensive.

3. Most planners allow you space to create checklists, which have been shown to increase efficiency and overall productivity. These are two things you will definitely want to master during your four years here! Some people create a checklist for the day, some for the week, and others just for individual projects. You’ll figure out what’s best for you as you go along, and which helps you learn better.

You might think now that planners are unnecessary, but when you come to college you’ll want to focus on learning and having as much fun as you can without forgetting that your midterm exam is at the same time as that Wisconsin basketball game!

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