The F Words


Faith and Friends. As an incoming freshman, these are two areas of life that will change quite a bit beginning the moment you first step onto Campus. The Badger Cru organization provides avenues to tackle both of those concepts.

Let’s look at faith first. As most people go through life they come to have an intense belief in at least a few things, some being simpler than others. Although having faith that your roommate will lock the door when they leave your empty dorm room may seem relatively easy, there are larger and longer-term faiths that can alter the course of your life. Badger Cru introduces people to the Christian faith and shares how having a relationship with Jesus can completely change a person.

Friends are another important aspect of people’s lives, as they help to shape personalities and make days less lonely. Badger Cru is an organization of several hundred students that are eager to make friends. There is never a meeting that goes by without being introduced to new people, exchanging kind words, and making one another feel at home.

Badger Cru will have a booth at the Student Org Faith happening within the first few weeks of school. The weekly meetings are held every Thursday night at 9pm in 3650 Humanities.

I highly encourage anyone who is looking to kill these two F bombs with one stone to check out this organization. It will never be easier to find both a lifelong faith and lifelong friends in a single place.

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