Four Fun and Free Places to Visit for a Study Break

Everybody is always saying how hard freshman year of college is, how different it is from high school, how broke you will feel and how stressed you will be. All of these things are true, but nobody ever really tells you how to deal with all of this new stress.  On the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, there are quite a few fun and free places to visit if you need a quick study break or need to de-stress.

Memorial Union

The Memorial Union Terrace is one of the most famous places to visit on campus, after Camp Randall Stadium. There is nothing more relaxing or calming than sitting in one of the famous Terrace chairs and enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Mendota. If you are feeling especially stressed, enjoy a scoop of Madison’s famous Babcock Dairy Ice Cream from the Daily Scoop.

Chazen Art Museum

The Chazen Art Museum is home to the second largest collection of art in Wisconsin. Give your brain a break by looking at some world-famous paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and prints.

Picnic Point

Escape campus life walking the length of Picnic Point, a beautiful nature reserve that will make you forget that you are in a city. For more information, visit

Geology Museum

The UW Geology Museum is located in the geology building. Take a break from that econ paper you have to write or computer science test you need to study for and come see the many rocks, minerals and fossils on display, including a fully constructed dinosaur!

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