Dining on the Square

Once you get over the overwhelming amount of dining options that State Street has to offer, it’s time to move up in the world and make your way to the Square. While most of the options are a bit more expensive than State Street’s restaurants, they offer great, new options from the mundane world of sub shops.

Here’s a list of my must-try Capitol Square restaurants:

  1. Graze – Graze’s tagline “from local pastures” shines through in their incredibly fresh and reasonably priced menu. A great spot for brunch or a date night, Graze is undoubtedly my favorite spot on the Square.
  2. The Old Fashioned – If your parents have already visited Madison, chances are you’ve already been to The Old Fashioned. Specializing in Wisconsin-style cuisine, it’s a great spot to hit when you’re parents are in town, or if you want to get a little more exciting dinner with friends and break the monotony of the dining halls.
  3. Brocach – The restaurants on the Square are notorious for not taking reservations, and most have pretty daunting waits come dinnertime. I’ve found that the Irish pub, Brocach, offers great food while typically only having half the wait. If you’re a fan of Irish food, their corned beef is outstanding.
  4. DLUX – DLUX is kind of an upscale, modern take on the traditional burger joint. Their menu has a great selection of very reasonably priced burgers that can be complimented by one of their delicious milkshakes for dessert. And for 21-year-olds, they offer bottomless mimosas every Sunday.

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