Avoid the Freshman 15 by Getting Involved

We’ve all heard about the dreaded Freshman 15. While for me it was a sad reality, there are an endless amount of ways to help you avoid the weight gain by staying active on campus. Check out these three suggestions to get involved and stay fit!


  1. Join a sport club team                                                                               Whether you were a jock in high school or have always wanted to try a particular sport, UW-Madison has a variety of options. Joining a team is a great way to stay active while meeting many new people who share an interest with you.
  2. Classes at the SERF                                                                                                  Located near two of the biggest freshman dorms Sellery and Witte, the SERF is a great option for staying fit. While access to the main gym is free, you can buy a $70 pass to take an unlimited amount of classes for an entire academic year. I personally love taking Zumba. Offered 3 times a week and bursting with energy from all the students, Zumba’s a fun workout to try with friends. Free classes are offered at the beginning of each semester so you can test them all.
  3. Workout for class credit                                                                                     For those of you less-motivated to hit the gym, this is a sure way to force you to get in a little exercise. UW-Madison offers a range of exercise classes for credit. From pilates to hip-hop to ballroom dancing, beginners and advanced students alike, there’s a class for everyone. Take a break from those tough classes and do something different while getting class credit.

However you choose to stay active on campus, grab some friends (or make some along the way) and get moving!


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