Get Involved by Giving Back: 3 Reasons to Volunteer in College

One of the most exciting aspects of beginning college at UW – Madison is getting the opportunity to experience all that the city of Madison, Wisconsin has to offer. A great way to get involved not only on campus, but also in the city of Madison, is Badger Volunteers!

The Red Gym, which houses the Morgridge Center for Public Service.
The Red Gym, which houses the Morgridge Center for Public Service offices.

Badger Volunteers is a student organization on campus that makes it easy for students to give back to the community surrounding campus. Here are three great reasons to join Badger Volunteers:

  1. Learn a new skill. There are all kinds of different volunteer positions available. You can help work a garden that provides food for local food pantries, monitor water quality, or help run fun programs for members of the community. Choose something you’ve never done before and maybe you’ll discover a new passion!
  2. Gain valuable experience. Badger Volunteers has plenty of opportunities to gain experience. Whether it’s learning to work with groups of people, or becoming a leader within the group, volunteer experience is a great addition to any resumé. You can even get academic credit through Service Learning Courses.
  3. Make a difference in the community. While many universities can seem isolated, UW-Madison is located in the middle of downtown, so being on campus means that you’re also part of the community of Madison. Volunteering is an excellent way to connect your university experience to the city in which you’re studying.

To get involved with Badger Volunteers, click here.

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