You’re the parent of yourself

In the younger days, before college, there was always someone telling you what to do. Your teacher was telling you when to hand in your homework and to not run in the hallways. Your parents were telling you to do the chores, wake up for school and be nice to your siblings. Then there are your friends who are making your plans and telling you where to sit at lunch. Well… now you are in charge of yourself.

When you get to college, you realize you finally have no one to answer to. You create your new life with no restrictions. While it is always good to do your homework before it is due and to be nice to your peers, you can now run whenever and wherever. You don’t have to clean if you don’t want to and you can make up your own plans for the day.

College is more than a degree, it is the foundation for becoming an adult and learning how to manage what is important to you. If you miss your class, it is your fault. If your room is a mess, you have to clean it. College is the time where everything and nothing make sense all at once. It is the time to learn how to look after yourself.

So my advice… go out and meet friends, clean your room, don’t miss class, go on crazy adventures and find people you want to surround yourself with. Go into freshman year with the mentality that now everything is up to you and while it could be scary at times, it could also be the most empowering thing to think about.

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