You’re “Sett” with Friday Night Plans

The Wisconsin Union is known for its fabulous night life at the terrace, however many people forget about the hidden gem at Union South known as The Sett. The Sett features a restaurant with all of the union favorites that are served at the terrace along with a music stage, rock climbing wall, bowling lanes, pool tables, air hockey, and an assortment of video games.

The Sett is a great way to stay active in a social environment. Students get a discounted price for all of the activities as well as having the added bonus of being right on campus! Union South was built five years ago and continues to grow in its popularity as it hosts more and more events. From birthday parties to a Friday night get together with your floor mates, the Sett is the place to be. The Sett also hosts a variety of musical events on its stage in the upstairs restaurant. They offer an opportunity for local bands to find a following and offer you the opportunity to be the first ones to hear what’s new on the Madison music scene!

Another great feature of the Sett is the accessibility and comfort that it provides. Being in a central location on the UW-Madison campus as well as being mainly a place for students,  the Sett is one of the best places for students to relax and be social in a safe environment. Madison can be intimidating those first few months and having a place that brings you back to a small environment that feels like home can be just what you need to survive your freshman year.

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