Why Sociology 120 Is The Best Class for Students Seeking Knowledge and Low Stress

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You’ve never taken a college course, and although you want to complete courses that count toward your credit requirements, you want to ease your way into the college education experience.  You need something captivating, fun, and low stress. Maybe the history of dating or parenting strategies interest you. What class could satisfy these needs?

Enter Sociology 120: Marriage and Family.

This class is a must for the UW Madison social science requirement.  I took this class during the spring semester of my freshman year with Professor Frankie Frank to learn more about marriage and the family, particularly in the United States.  I had to finish my social sciences breadth requirements, and I stumbled upon Sociology 120 online. The class is four credits, meet for lecture three days a week, and has discussion once a week.  

Sociology 120 centers on learning rather than testing. Frankie makes an effort to get to know you, striving to make everyone (the class size is roughly one-hundred students) feel welcome and comfortable.  The class is structured to test students in a low-stress way that allows them to absorb and apply the class to their own family dynamics (my favorite aspect of the class).

You investigate different topics regarding the family throughout the semester.  You learn about family depictions in media, how vendors charge outrageous prices to couples planning weddings, talk about family pets, and much more.

How can you say no to such an educational and fascinating class? Thankfully Sociology 120 is offered for Fall 2019, so all you have to do is register to be in the best class UW has to offer.

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