Vacation… for the laziest kids in the world

Congratulations! You have survived your first few months of college. I’m sure no one ever told you how much energy it takes to actually be a college student. From waking up at 8am, to going to classes you want to sleep in, to hanging out with friends and trying to eat every cheese curd in Wisconsin… IT’S TIRING!

While lying on the beach sounds amazing, especially after surviving the tundra at school, and snowboarding or skiing sounds exciting and adventurous, if you are one of the laziest kids in the world, you know there is nothing better than the thought of lying in your bed for two weeks straight.

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When I say lying in your bed for two weeks straight… I mean sleeping in until it is almost dark outside again. If you are hungry, beg a sibling or parent or even dog to bring you some snacks. I am sure everyone is looking forward to seeing their friends, but imagine not having to talk, move or even think for a full two weeks and enjoying the simple life like when we were 5 year olds.

There comes a point in your life, at around age 21, where you aren’t able to stop your fast pace life anymore. You aren’t able to turn back the clock and go to a time where activities were optional. Take these two weeks to do absolutely nothing for your 21 year old self who will thank you later.

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