Tortured Without Tissues

Many people heading off to college overlook the simple necessities in life. At UW-Madison, the dorms focus on environmental sustainability and only provide hand dryers in the bathrooms. As people adjust to their new lives in the dorm, their bodies are adjusting to the new environment. Along with a new place to live, comes the added stress of starting college! These two things can cause students to get sick and people who are sick need tissues.

Not only does this occur at the beginning of the year, but also during exam week and when students come back from their four-week winter break. Besides these other times, many people often get sick in the winter.

After our infamous Wisconsin winter, hitting record low temperatures, people were in need of tissues! So many students became sick and had to deal with cold symptoms as they trekked through the Wisconsin “tundra” and mounds of snow.

The necessity of a tissue box is clear as you will experience your first year at UW-Madison. Try to stay healthy, but it is inevitable that you will be needing to use tissues at some point. Not to mention, you are not learning in a high school classroom anymore, which means professors do not provide tissues for their lecture halls. With a tissue box, you can bring tissues wherever you need so you can have access to tissues at any time.

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