Tips For a New Journey

For many, coming to college is a significant change and can be a frightening process. It can be difficult to connect to and find your place at a large place like a college campus. UW-Madison is a beautiful, welcoming campus with so much to offer. Here are three tips to start your journey to finding your place:

  1. Attend the Student Organization Fair: Every year at the beginning of the Fall semester, a large organization fair is held. This is a great place for first-year students to learn about the organizations on campus. There is such a large variety of options that you are sure to find a group you are interested in and can connect to.
  2. Get involved in Greek Life: While Greek Life isn’t a make or break aspect of the social life at UW, joining a sorority or a fraternity can be a great way to make the University feel smaller. Find your home away from home and make ever lasting friends and memories.
  3. Go to games: UW-Madison games are an amazing way to meet and bond with fellow Badgers. Student section tickets allow you to be with friends and make new ones. Badger games are always a blast.

If you’re feeling lost at UW or any campus, these three tips are just a few ways to break the ice. Enjoy exploring all that your university has to offer!

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