Time To Catch a Break

Work hard, play hard. All work makes Jack a dull boy. It is essential to take care of yourself mentally and physically by taking a few study breaks from time to time. Here are some fan favorites:

  1. Workout!!

Exercising has so many benefits, including making you more focused afterwards. Blow of some steam by going on a run, attending hot yoga at DragonFire, or cycling at TurnStyle. You’ll feel better in every way and will be ready to hit the books again.

2. Go window shopping on State Street

Madison’s State Street is home to just about any sight. From people watching to roller blading down library mall, getting ice cream at The Chocolate Shoppe to thrifting, there is a plethora of activities to help you wind down. Go and try Raising Cane’s, the newly opened restaurant next to Colectivo!

3. Meet up with friends

There is never not enough to do in Madison. Text a friend for some social interaction or a game of spike ball on the Gordon’s lawn. Human interaction is key to good mental health. Mental health should always come before schoolwork otherwise you won’t be able to put your best work forward.

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