Three Smart Tips to Save Money in College Without Compromising Your Quality of Life

1. Save money on textbooks each semester

US Senators seek to make college textbooks affordable and open ...

When buying college textbooks, many students shop at the University Bookstore for their classes. There is a book or two or three listed for each class, so students add them to their shopping cart and checkout.

That is a big mistake.

You should check your class syllabus first for the textbooks that will be used or considered optional. It is also good to know if an older, used version will be acceptable.

Once you know, the required books check the university libraries for print or digital textbooks; they are free. Library Genius is also another resource for free access to millions of books.

2. Music and TV Entertainment
The Spotify Premium Student package is currently the best deal for college students. It includes Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime at a reduced student price. The first three months are free, then pay only five dollars a month, and you can cancel anytime.

3. Read the Newspaper for Free
If you are a dabbler and just reading that one article, you can get around a news site’s paywall by using incognito mode or private browsing. Switching your web browser to one of these temporarily blocks the site’s ability to read or write cookies on your device, which is typically how the subscription site knows whether you are a paying customer or not. If you find yourself using a subscription quite often, then look for student pricing and subscribe. The Wisconsin State Journal has a student rate of one dollar/month for three months, an inexpensive way to support the publication.

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