Three Places to Meet People on Campus

Navigating your way on a new campus is tough but knowing about places where lots of freshmen spend their time is important when trying to meet new people. This post features a few places around campus where you can meet people with aligned interests.

Student Organizations

Attending the student organization fair is an easy way to find out about clubs on campus and meet people who share similar interests as you. Finding a student organization that has to do with something you’re passionate about will allow you to be a part of something you and others on campus care about. 

(Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

Sett Recreation at Union South

Sett Recreation is located within Union South and includes rock climbing, bowling and billiards for students. In addition, there are areas with tables and chairs for people to play board games. Getting familiar with spots like The Sett right off the bat will allow you to find students when they are taking a break from studying. A trip to the Set on a Friday or Saturday night is alway a fun time!

Nicholas Recreation Center

The Nicholas Recreation Center is a great way to meet new people as there are so many different activities you can participate in. The Recreation Center offers a wide variety of group classes that include Yoga, Zumba, Cycling, HIIT and many others. The Nicholas Recreation Center has basketball courts, a swimming pool as well as tennis courts that you can use at your leisure!

Courtesy of UW Recreation & Wellbeing

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