Three Apps I Seriously Can’t Live Without

As a Junior at Madison, these apps have been staples that I use almost every day. Here are the three apps that I could not live without as a student at UW Madison.


Venmo is easily one of my most used apps as a college student. Find yourself at Taco Bell on a Thursday night but forgot your debit card? Don’t stress! Venmo your friends for that Crunch Wrap Supreme! Another great thing about Venmo is that people use it as a way to raise money for philanthropic events. My Sorority uses it to raise money for our National Philanthropy. So whether you take my advice now or later, you are gonna end up using Venmo a LOT.


Freshman year Uber was a staple app. We used Uber every weekend so we wouldn’t have to walk across campus back to the dorms late at night. It is definitely best to save Uber for when you need it, aka, don’t Uber to class! That being said, Uber is a safety measure worth taking especially for girls. It is always worth it to take an Uber home late at night rather than walk alone. Safety first!

Eat Street

Craving McDonalds but don’t want to walk all the way to Regent Street? Cramming for finals and don’t have time to go to the dining hall? Eat Street is your solution. I can’t even count the times I have ordered food from Eat Street, probably too many, but I am definitely an Eat Street advocate. Especially during this strange pandemic, Eat Street will bee your best friend.

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