This Class is So Easy, Yet You Will Never Feel Like an Uncultured Swine Again…

When I transferred to UW Madison as a sophomore, I was a bit wary of how difficult the classes would be. I didn’t want to get myself into anything I didn’t think I’d be able to do, but I didn’t want to just take the easiest class I could find. That’s when I stumbled upon Art 108.

What is Art 108?

Art 108 is Foundations of Contemporary Art. In this class you’ll learn about different movements in art history and the most influential artists from these movements. Sound interesting? Well honestly no.

The idea of the class sounds pretty boring if you’re not interested in art, like I was. However, the class is actually very interesting and I learned a lot about artists and art that I would’ve never known.

It also made me feel much more cultured. I can go to an art museum now and actually appreciate the art.

Is it Difficult?

Not. At. All. The course work is very doable and as long as you are interested in the content and pay attention in lecture. This class is 3 credits with two hours of work outside of class each week, has a large lecture with small discussion sections, and is taught by Professor Douglas Rosenberg.

I checked the course search and enroll and this class still has seats open for Fall 2019! So if you are looking for a humanities credit, or just an overall interesting class to make you feel like an expert the next time you visit an art museum, enroll now!

Me going to an art museum before Art 108
Me going to an art museum after Art 108

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