These TikTok Trends Will Help You Beat the Quarantine Blues

It is no surprise that the viral app TikTok has become a staple for many of us during quarantine. The endless stream of new content spanning from short funny clips to cooking tips have us all captivated, but some specific trends have stood out more than others, making for great examples of ways to get off your couch and beat the quarantine blues.

Bleach Dye… Everything

Whether you like it or not, tie dye is back and better than ever. So TikTok has made it a DIY trend to bleach dye anything and everything from clothes to bed sheets. Since most households have some form of bleach, it is an easy at home activity. So if you find yourself walking down the street and you see some jeans that are bleached on one leg or a splotchy bleached hoodie, you already know that person has had some TikTok inspo.

The Infamous Whipped Coffee

TikTok’s whipped coffee recipe is one of those things that you never thought you needed until trying it. The ingredients are simple, instant coffee, sugar, and water. All you do is whisk away until you are left with a foamy whipped cream texture. Finish it off by plopping it over ice and milk and voila, a fancy whipped creation to sweeten up another day bored in the house.

Dance it Out

TikTok is bursting with new content every day, including dance videos that are fun to learn because anyone can do them. Getting your entire family involved, learning them on your own, and even adding in your pets is a great way to bring your family together and boost morale.

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