The Only Item You Need to ~Spice~ Up Your Freshman Year

Salt and pepper shakers in front of a yellow background

What is one thing that brings people together, sparks conversation, and generates overall happiness in humans? That’s right, food. Food was one of the highlights of my freshman year. Now, what item is notorious for enhancing almost any food — and will do the same for your freshman year?? You guessed it, salt and pepper. Let’s find out why a pair of salt and pepper grinders is an absolute essential for your freshman dorm.

1. Give a gourmet flair to your microwave meals.

Those boring instant noodles become much more enjoyable with just a twist of the salt and pepper grinders. You have a limited amount of easy food options apart from the dining halls as a Freshman stuck in a dorm. Salt and pepper are the most basic and versatile spices out there, and they will prove their worth when the snacking wave hits.

2. Impress your friends with delicious snacks.

You will be amazed at the difference in a bag of microwave popcorn once salt and pepper are added. It is absolutely life changing — and your friends will notice on movie night. Your delicious snacks will have people coming back for more, and all of a sudden you are the go-to room for the hallway hangouts!

3. Health food…?

Take NutrSci132 and you will learn salt’s importance in your diet. Here’s the gist: salt is a basic nutrient. Now, this isn’t to say eating lots of salt on foods like eating a salad (I am also not not saying this). Regardless, maintaining an intake of nutritious foods is important Freshman year. Salt and pepper grinders can make those foods more satisfying! *chef’s kiss*

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