The Mug That Prepared Me For College

Starting college is a very interesting time. It is so exciting, but it is also quite nerve-wracking especially if you are moving far from home and separating from basically all you’ve ever known for the first time.

I was in Target in Madison picking up all my bedding, towels, etc. I couldn’t even enjoy these last moments with my family before they left because I was so nervous. Whenever I thought about them leaving in a few hours tears would quickly rush to my eyes and I’d have to do anything in my power to shut down these emotions, at least in public.

My dad could tell I was… having a moment… or moments… and he did something that I know I will never forget. In the mug aisle of Target, he found a basic white mug that read, “You Got This”. He put it in my face and said, “You see this? You got this. Believe it.” And he put it in the cart.

It sat on my nightstand for the entire year essentially as a dust collector, but it made all the more difference to always have it to look at the end of the day as a reminder of the fact that I got this. Maybe your mom or dad or brother or sister will do something like this for you. But, as an indispensable object in college, I really recommend having something to always keep around that offers an idea of encouragement and reassurance.

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