The Most Important Relationship In College!

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the single most important thing you will want to bring to college as a freshman. You will form a bond with it. It will fill a void that no human being can. Here is why.

  1. Making friends is hard. When you move into your floor, it can be overwhelming. I had over 60 people on my floor! Sometimes you need a place to escape the pressures of social interactions and friendship!
  2. Roommates can suck. Kids can get stuck with some weird, crazy, hyperactive random roommates. You’re going to want a way to “respectfully” ignore them. I know some people pick their roommates and are absolute best friends. But even then, they can get on your nerves sometimes!
  3. Binging! The Fire Stick gives you access to infinitely many TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more! From Netflix to Hulu, YouTube to HBO, you won’t have to miss a thing! Plus you can get exposed to shows or movies you wouldn’t have thought to check out!
  4. This is a perfect tool for putting off that dreaded chemistry or calculus assignment. Got a biology test? I heard “Greys Anatomy” would be a good way to do that.
  5. Conversational Buffer. As much as you try to avoid talking to people, it’s going to happen. Exposure to these shows will be a great starting point, and a good way to find someone who has similar taste in shows. Perhaps this could even spark the beginning of a lifelong friendship!

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