The Greatness of Greek Life

As you embark on your journey through college at UW-Madison, it is important to interact with many different people and make various connections. A way to help you meet new people sits in the hand of Greek Life and recruitment.

There are many pros and cons to Greek Life but I believe the pros outweigh the cons and these are the reasons why:

  • College is all about meeting new people and by getting involved with Greek Life, you will connect with around 200 other people in your own organization and 4,000 people in total between all organizations.
  • Most people go to college to find a job after school and by joining a sorority or fraternity you will have a huge network of alumni connections that may even help you land an internship or job in the future
  • By going through the process of recruitment, you will most likely land in a sorority or fraternity that is the right fit to you and you will be surrounded by people who carry your same values.
  • Finally, many of the Greek organizations have GPA requirements for people in their sorority or fraternity, this requirement will help you stay on track academically during your first year as you adjust to college.
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Although sometimes greek organizations can be pricey or even looked down upon by others, it is worth your time and money to join one! Go out of your comfort zone and learn that interacting with and meeting new people is the best part of college.

Trust me, it will all be worth it!

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