Take a Break at the Capitol!

File:Wisconsin State Capitol Building during Tulip Festival.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons
Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wisconsin_State_Capitol_Building_during_Tulip_Festival.jpg

Studying for the next exam or working on difficult assignments can be exhausting. However, the Wisconsin State Capitol is nearby, which is a great spot to take a breather and explore all that it has to offer. During the past two years, the Capitol has become my favorite spot to take a break and relax from the stress of college life. Not only do you get a good 20-30 minute walk from campus, but also the chance to explore great cafes and restaurants. Here are some things to do while visiting the Capitol!

Explore the cafes

Drinking a cup of coffee and having a conversation with your friends always helps to relieve stress. My favorite cafes near the Capitol include Bradburys, which sells phenomenal crepes, and Wonderstate Coffee, which sells great coffee! Of course, there is a Starbucks for your go-to drink, but I highly recommend visiting these cafes.

Get a bite to eat

The area nearby the Capitol has excellent restaurants that are worth the walk. Some personal favorites include Lucille for great pizza, The Old Fashioned for burgers, and RED for sushi! These are great spots to take a break with your friends to enjoy great food while you de-stress.

Take a look inside the Capitol

You can even go inside of the Capitol and take a tour or wander by yourself. I highly encourage exploring its stunning design! Outside the Capitol are great photo spots as well. There are even spots in front of the Capitol where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends.

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