Studying Spots: Out with the old and In with the new

Who said studying had to be done in a boring old library? Time from time when I need to get serious work I’ll head to the library, but I recently discovered a few new places to keep me from falling asleep at Memorial. Switching up study spots helps you stay motivated and doesn’t ruin a studying spot because you spent all of finals cramming there and now you can’t go back. Here are 2 new spots to try out!

  1. Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel

This is also known as just the “chapel”, you do not have to be any specific religion or anything to study here. They provide complementary coffee, tea, and snacks to help you get through your studying. Located just off State Street on Gilman Street, it is the perfect location. You are able to buy a fob to get access to the private rooms but it is not necessary. If you’re not convinced just yet, they also bring in dogs during finals week and provide fun snacks like ice cream sundaes, smores, and much more.


  1. Fair trade Coffeehouse

This has become one of my favorite places to go study. I like that is it a little off campus and not like Colectivo. You get to see all different kinds of people and remember that there are other people besides students in this town. With the music quietly playing in the background you can get a lot of work done here. Their food and drinks are amazing so when lunch or dinner time comes, you don’t have to leave.


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