Staying Hydrated: Why Reusable Water Bottles Are A College Necessity

As an incoming freshmen, you’re excited to start this next phase of life. You’re looking forward to moving into the dorms and starting your path to independence, and you want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed in college.

Laptop? Check. Textbooks? Ordered. Bedding and decorations? Packed and ready! Reusable water bottle? Hmmm…

Despite how small it seems, a reusable water bottle is a college essential. Here are a few reasons why!

Reusable Bottles Can Help You Save Money!

Believe it or not, reusable water bottles can save you money. Rather than buying plastic bottled water, you can fill your bottle up at water fountains found across campus for free. Additionally, by keeping water on hand, you’ll be less inclined to spend money on other beverages.

Want to save more money? Use reusable travel mugs when ordering coffee or tea. Dining halls and cafes often give small discounts off your drink order to thank you for your environmental consciousness!

Save the Planet While Staying Healthy

Not only will keeping a reusable water bottle on hand save you money, it’ll help the planet and your health. Plastic water bottles make up 14% of all litter that ends up in dumps or the ocean, and only 30% of plastic bottles are recycled in the US. By using reusable bottles, you can reduce plastic waste. Watch this video to learn more!

Video by Above the Noise on YouTube

Regarding its health benefits, having a reusable bottle on hand can encourage you to drink more water and stay hydrated. Additionally, micro-plastics and chemicals can break down from plastic bottles into the water, causing health issues when consumed.

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