Spring Break: A Trifecta

Looking for an awesome way to spend your summer? Do you want to travel the world? Or maybe you just need a quick way to gain that freshman fifteen everybody keeps talking about! Well if any of those descriptions relate to you, then I have the perfect solution for you: a Caribbean cruise.

Disclaimer… if you are looking for a budgeted spring break option, this is probably not for you. You’ll either have to go with your family, save up a bit of money to blow, or dip into daddy’s trust fund. But hey, the perfect vacation isn’t cheap!

To give you an example, I will tell you about my trip with my family (and trust me, it isn’t as bad as it sounds). We went on a Caribbean cruise that launched out of Miami, Florida, and took us to Jamaica, Cozumel Island in Mexico, and the Grand Cayman Islands, for a total of five days at sea. You can pick out activities to participate in at each of these stops, such as swimming with stingrays or parasailing or touring historic sites. Or, if you are feeling adventures, you can venture off on your own and create your own travel plans! But best of all (at least for me) was the food. There are so many things you can try, like ox tongue, braised rabbit, and a crazy amount of sea food! And for the picky people, there are burgers and pizzas too, don’t worry. And it’s all paid for so all you can eat! Hence the freshman fifteen can commence.

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