Smith Hall Has It All

When you were growing up, I’m sure you imagined what life would be like when you would finally move away from your parents into a brand new dorm of your own.  You could live with friends, have your own independence, and start to take control of your own life and how you wanted to live it.  I believe that Smith Hall at UW-Madison was the best choice for me to make all of those things come true, and that it could also be the best choice for you!

Smith Hall has amenities and characteristics that other dorm buildings simply can’t compete with:

  1. Smith Residence Hall is conveniently located to the SERF and Gordon’s Dining Hall.  This makes it easy to grab a snack or a meal anytime during the day.  In addition, the convenient 5 minute walk to the SERF can encourage all you incoming freshman to resist the “Freshman Fifteen”.
  2. The modern living amenities in Smith Hall are incomparable to the other, decrepit dorm halls next door.  Smith Hall is one of the newest buildings on campus, and therefore is one of the cleanest dorm halls.  It has vaulted ceilings, pod-like bathroom facilities, and full kitchens for each floor.  With modern amenities comes air conditioning as well (yes, it’s true)!
  3. Smith Hall conveniently has its own dining hall on the first floor, too.  Newell’s Dining Hall is a full-stocked dining hall with hot entrees and quick snacks to grab on your way to class.  Not to mention, it is there for when it is too cold to step foot outside or for when you are simply too lazy to walk to walk to Gordon’s.

Overall, it is important to check out all of your housing options as an incoming freshman.  You can read up on all that UW-Madison has to offer here:

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