Seasonal Switch

“Lawn” by ibm4381

Coming from sunny Los Angeles, California, I had no idea what would be in store for me when I moved to Madison for college. Once my time came, I found I had no hardships adjusting to the weather at all! With a couple new additions in my closet, I was ready to face my first real winter. Although there are a couple items that are serious no-brainers (gloves, hats, warm socks, etc.), I thought I would share some fashion hacks I discovered to brave the cold.

1. Winter boots are a total must especially when the inches of snow start to add up. A boot that you may spot on almost every girl (and even boy) in college are Dr. Martens. I learned my freshman year that these handy not-so-little boots not only were my go-to on a night out, but also proved to be even better snow boots during the day when I was trudging along campus to classes. **Pro-tip: make sure these are worn-in well to avoid blisters and make sure you have thick socks for extra comfort and warmth!

2. Now, I love a beanie as much as the next girl. But, in the summer, you will never catch me without a bucket hat. This year, my friends and I all discovered the game-changer that came in the form of a fluffy bucket hat. You can find these anywhere from high fashion websites to Amazon (that’s where we all got ours!). They come in a variety of different patterns, colors, and even vary in type of “furry” or “plush” material. The best part: you can avoid the slight discomfort that comes from wearing a beanie all day!

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