Scarf | Save Your “Turtle” Neck 🧣

Until the cold wind blew wildly on my face, I felt the power of Madison undoubtedly in winter. It patted my cheeks and my neck until…I took out my long, thick scarf and put it on my neck, which turned out to be shorter than the turtle. That is right, a dispensable winter gift for Madison freshman is scarf.

Is Madison frozen in winter?

Yes, it is, do not underestimate Madison. Although we are inferior to other places in many areas, we are more frigid! Regardless of the wind and snow, our school never suspends classes, yes, we have always implemented a hard-working policy. What? minus 20 degrees? Mind you, we only dismissed one day when it was 40 degrees below zero. 

Is it useless to wear more clothes, why bring a scarf?

Even though the down jacket is thick, the neckline is still large. Even with a hat on, wind in Madison is still like a small hand, reaching your neck and drilling into your clothes, and it will playfully “touch” your cheeks, and after a while, your face will become numb. Moreover, even if you accidentally wear less, with a scarf to block the wind, it will not be too cold. My scarf and me in winter are like the meat in a dumpling and its skin. Especially for those who cannot bear the cold, do not forget to bring it. 

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