In high school, I was one of those students that was lucky enough to not have to study and still be able to ace classes. However, that changed when I started college. I knew what Quizlet was and had used it once or twice but I wasn’t as familiar with it as other people were.

Quizlet offers many different ways to study key terms or phrases which creates a more personalized experience when studying. Personally, I love using the ‘learn’ feature which requires you to match a term with its definition and then later write out the term when the matching definition is shown and it repeats until all of the terms have been done correctly enough times to be considered learned.

On top of that, Quizlet has a mobile app available as well. Sometimes when it was getting late I would want to lay down in bed but still be able to study without disturbing my roommate. The mobile app lets me study my terms easily on a small screen that minimizes the possible disruptions to others. The app is also convenient to pull out for some last minute studying right before an exam since you don’t need to pull out your computer.

Overall, Quizlet let me personalize and organize my classes which made studying that much easier for me.

But the best part, hands down, is searching Quizlet for a study set for the class you are in and finding a complete set already created by another student so you don’t have to make your own.

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