Practice Makes Perfect When it Comes to “Adulting”

The first step to mastering “adulting” in college is to practice necessary skills at home before even stepping foot into your apartment or dorm.

  • Grocery Shopping: Research the best deals in Madison for purchasing groceries and then visit the store to make sure it fits your needs.  There are so many options in Madison you will be sure to find everything you need!
  • Cooking: Write down some of your favorite recipes and practice making them so you know exactly what you to do when you are by yourself.  This can help you figure out your grocery shopping needs and utensil needs since you know already know some of what you’ll be making!
  • Laundry: Laundry can seem like a daunting task if you never practice before going to college. Ask someone to go over what temperatures and cycles certain clothes should go on and even ask how to wash your bedding and shoes since they can get pretty nasty!
  • Budgeting: Prepare a spreadsheet made of all of your estimated expenses including groceries and tuition for the semester to ensure you do not miss any payments or get in a bind due to lack of planning ahead.  For example, you may want to set aside food money and personal spending money in an envelope so you have everything organized and separated. Using your previous spending habits can help you plan this spreadsheet so that you can adjust the budget to your needs

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