Peaky Blinders: Your Next Must-Watch TV Show

By the order of the Peaky Blinders….

“The Peaky Blinders” by Terry Kearney

Back in September I found myself bed-ridden with COVID. I turned to trusty Netflix to help get through the 10 days. I sat in a hotel room with my friend, lost for what to watch. It seemed like every possible show we had both seen during the first quarantine in March. She quickly shot off a text to her older brother for some show recommendations. He responded immediately with only two words: Peaky Blinders. As she read it out loud, we looked up at the TV to find none other than Peaky Blinders being featured up on our screen. It seemed like fate. For two 20-year-old girls, Peaky Blinders doesn’t seem like the typical show of choice. As it turned out, every guy friend, boyfriend and ex-boyfriend alike had been on the wave since the show first came out in 2013. We quickly became OBSESSED with the show and I tore through 5 seasons in those 10 days. Here’s why:

  1. Each season has only 6 episodes, each an hour long. Seems like nothing, but at the end of the season you will be begging for more.
  2. It’s set in post WW1 Birmingham, England, focusing on a gang called the Peaky Blinders that basically runs the city from top to toe. Everything goes through them, including the law.
  3. The show boasts strong, female characters. It may appear to be a circus of macho-manliness, but the women in the show are absolute powerhouses that I admired from start to finish.
  4. Action – and lots of it. It was impossible to tear my eyes away from the screen and I’m not even sure I blinked… at all.
  5. Romance. Again, seems like a surprise, but the romance you see blossom in the first season adds such depth to the characters that makes it impossible not to become attached to them and their stories.

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