Packing for Dorm Life!

Unit 4, Housing Tips

Dorm life basics are not surprising: backpack, laptop and smart phone, but also hangers, umbrella, personal medications and health insurance card. Personal effects include clothing, shoes, toilet kit and the usual to meet personal needs.  Let’s look at the more interesting information.

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Things that might surprise you include copies of your birth certificate, social security card and any other official identification, especially needed in order to vote.

Older dorm rooms may be short on electric outlets. Bring a power strip or two that include surge protection for your electronics.

Things not to bring: any cooking item with an exposed heating element (hot plate), weapons of any kind, candles, alcoholic beverages and drugs or drug paraphernalia are strictly prohibited.

You should know if you might incur an extra cost to remain in your dorm room during academic breaks. The normal fees only allow occupancy during the academic period. Also there is no guarantee you can get a room with a known friend. Be prepared to meet new people and exercise your social skills.

Lastly pack a good attitude and bring patience. There will be challenges. What doesn’t destroy us makes us stronger. Think about your conflict resolution and anger management skills. The Residential Advisor is there to help you adjust to dorm life. Use the resources available to you.


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