Packing For A New State

It’s not uncommon for students to leave their home states for college. Sometimes this move can be small and manageable, and other times you can find yourself trekking all the way across the country! Packing for this kind of experience is no joke and can cause a lot of stress leading up to the big move. Here are some tips to help make your experience a little less hectic!

  1. Make sure you’re packing for the right climate

When moving to a new part of the country it can be hard to prepare for a new climate when you are so used to dressing for your local weather. Make sure you do some research and pack items that will help you dress appropriately while you are at school!

2. Shipping is your best friend- DON’T OVERPACK

Remember that nothing can’t be shipped or bought after the move so try not to overpack items that you don’t know if you will actually need. It is easy to have your parents ship something that you forgot or even replace it at a store nearby. 

3. Plan ahead for your departure!

Make sure you have planned the best way to get everything you need to your final destination. If you are flying, it might be a good idea to buy most of your dorm items near your new school. Southwest allows two free bags, however a lot of items can be bought in advance and picked up at local stores in your new state!

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