Organization is More Important Than You Think

Organization does not come easy to everyone, but it is a skill that everyone should have. Organization will keep your life less stressful and will allow you to make the most of your time at the University of Wisconsin. Here are 3 ways to stay organized.

1. In classes

Using a planner is the best way to stay organized with all of your classes. Writing down due dates and assignments is super helpful when it comes to prioritizing your busy schedule. I found it to be most effective when I crossed off a finished task; the feeling of completion is great.

2. In the dorm

Dorm rooms are small and putting 2 to 3 people in one gets crammed. Utilizing storage bins and different types of organizers helps create the illusion that your room is a lot larger than it actually is. The best items are those that serve for more than one purpose. For example, I had ottomans that acted as a footrest/chair but had storage room when you lifted the lid. Organization in your dorm will not only create more space but it will keep it clean.

3. Social Life

Madison is a great social campus. There are always things going on and it is essential that you make time to do the things you enjoy. Put school first, but do not forget to have fun. By staying up to date with your academics, you should have spare time to relax and do what you wish. Organize times to take a break because trust me, you will need it.

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